Moisture testers

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miniGAC / miniGACplus

The world's most accurate handheld grain moisture analyzer

Measuring grain moisture straight from the field has never been easier than with the DICKEY-john mini GAC® family of handheld grain moisture analyzers. These award winning handheld moisture testers offer the highest level of accuracy in their class, plus mini GACs are fast and easy to use.

The mini GAC Grain Moisture Analyzer family includes:

  • mini GAC - for highly accurate moisture testing.
  • mini GAC plus - the ONLY handheld moisture tester on the market that measures accurate test weight.


Features and Benefits:

  • Simplifies operation with menu-driven interface
  • Eliminates pre-weighing with an internal scale
  • Avoids cumbersome screw caps that can cause grain damage and oily residue
  • Measures over 450 types of grain and product
  • Easily loads calibrations with a USB
  • Tests hot or cold grain between 32 and 122°F
  • Receives accurate measurements in a variety of conditions with automatic temperature compensation


MF / ML / MX / MS Moisture tester - image

MF / ML / MX / MS Moisture tester

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New Moisture Tester Standard Launched in 2012
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Moisture control device for silos